Parking lot striping is more than just adding curb appeal; it also increases the safety of the business environment. Parking lot markings help reduce accidents because they provide structure and guidance. When a parking lot has defined spaces and traffic directive...

Can you get fined/sued for not have your parking lot striped?

Yes! If your parking lot does not meet the required ADA guidelines you can definitely receive a fine.  Or if one of your customers have an accident, resulting from improper striping (or none) they can sure ho...

How soon can we open the lot after re-striping?

Generally the parking lot can be reopened for regular traffic after striping within 1 hour of completion or sooner based on weather conditions. We take every precaution and make every effort to NEVER apply any coatings dur...

Do you know about ADA codes?

Our technicians, before hire, are subjected to a rigorous training program designed to ensure that they are educated in ADA code and understand the importance of compliance and the consequences of non-compliance. Our technicians are fully co...

Are you licensed, insured?

Yes. We maintain current commercial liability and auto insurance.

What type of paint is used and will it last?

Traffic Marking, 100% acrylic, lead-free high grade premium waterborne traffic and line marking paint specially manufactured and formulated for optimal adhesion and durability. Extremely durable, weather resistance and has ex...

WHY should I have my parking lot re-striped?

(1) CURB APPEAL:  Fresh markings brighten up a lot and attract customers. 

(2) SAFETY: Parking lots need to be maintained so that customers can safely maneuver while on your property.  Don't forget that t...

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