Sealcoat Service Atlanta GA Metro

Your asphalt is an important investment. Make sure that it is in pristine condition at all times with the help of All Brite Striping. We provide commercial and residential sealcoating in the Atlanta GA Metro area, that fills in cracks and holes that appear in your parking lot, sidewalk, and other asphalt surfaces. This layer of protection prevents your asphalt from deteriorating under the weight of vehicles or from changes in the weather. The professionals at All Brite Striping will help you protect your parking area at the lowest possible cost without taking shortcuts!

Looks are Important!

The first impression of a facility starts in the parking lot. A rich, black top with fresh striping is inviting and displays a sense of success and pride. If the asphalt becomes oxidized and crack-ridden, it not only can make a negative impression on the property and it's tenants, It also accelerates further pavement failure and the need for expensive repairs.

Invest a Little to Get a Lot

If you don't invest a little in preventative asphalt maintenance, you're sure to contribute to premature failure and cost yourself significantly more long-term. Being proactive, such as Seal Coating, will prolong the life of your asphalt and your budget. Seal coating about every 2-3 years is the proactive step that will provide your dry, brittle asphalt with the necessary adhesive and waterproofing to maintain a durable and beautiful parking lot. It will maintain the asphalt's flexibility, slow down oxidation, prevent raveling, and provide a rich, like-new appearance. More importantly, it will protect the sub-base from water penetration and deterioration. An asphalt surface is only as strong as the foundation beneath it!

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