October 30, 2016

A proper sealcoating and crack sealing maintenance program will not only keep your asphalt pavement looking beautiful, it will also save you money by protecting the asphalt from deterioration. The pros at All Brite Striping will assist with achieving this!


Please take a moment to understand what to expect, and some DO’s and DON’Ts for freshly sealcoated asphalt surfaces:


How long should I stay off of my driveway?

As the manufacturer we recommend 24-48hrs. You will be able to walk on your driveway much sooner than this, but we recommend not driving on it for at least 36hrs if at all possible.


How long does it take a newly sealcoated driveway to dry?
In ideal weather conditions the drying will only take a few hours. However, just because it’s dry on top and dry to walk on does not mean it’s CURED. Curing is the evaporation of all liquid from the sealer. The dryer and hotter the weather the faster it will cure.


Can I drive on a driveway that is NOT fully cured?
Absolutely, you can drive on your driveway. 100% cure may take longer, but after 36 hours it will be cured to about 95% and you will not hurt your sealcoat. That last 5% of the cure takes the longest.


I’ve noticed that I’m leaving tire marks on my new pavement, is there something wrong?

Nothing is wrong! This is a normal part of the process. The material used to seal your driveway is thermoplastic and the marks left by your tires will run themselves out and disappear. It’s just

like freshly paved asphalt, those tire marks will disappear. Once your driveway has achieved a complete 100% cure, it will no longer mark.


Is there anything I can do to avoid marking the driveway before it is 100% cured?
Yes. Try to avoid turning your tires very hard or turning the wheels while the vehicle is not moving. Again, if you do leave marks, they will eventually go away. 


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