How much does it cost to re stripe a parking? or Whats the price for parking lot striping

November 5, 2016

These questions of course, is always one of the first questions a proper manager has when researching the process or cost of striping a parking lot. Here at All Brite Striping, I'd imagine we recieve this question hundreds and hundreds of times a year, likely within the first couple of minutes of any conversation.

We understand price (along with many other factors) matters. 


As you might imagine though, the problem with answering this question is the fact Parking Lot Striping has so many different factors that do with getting it done. Notwithstanding, I'll do my best here to give you some realistic ranges as to what most people will spend. (And remember, these prices are AVERAGE, and can vary drastically depending on the product, the region, the company, etc, etc)


Some questions to ask yourself are:

Can the project be done in 1 day or will it take multiple days?

Is the lot very dirty and will need sweeping?

Is there a time where are very minimal vehicle parked on the lot?

How many spaces are there?

How many ADA Handicap spaces are there?

Is there curbing that needs to be painted?

Is there directional arrows? 


These are some of the different factors that play a part in pricing?


A small lot can be as low as $500 where a large lot can be as much as $5000, even more.


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